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You are not to old to learn something

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I was watching this movie called The rise of the Guardians. This movie was a children’s movie but had a lesson that adults could learn also. The “Heroes” in the movie were the symbols that the children believed in like Santa Claus, the Tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny, The Sandman and Jack Frost. The “villain” was the Boogeyman. The boogeyman was trying to take over all the children by turning all their dreams to nightmares. To save the day the heros had to get the children to believe in them but the boogeyman kept the children under his spell with fear of the dark and bad dreams. In the end the children started believing in the heroes again and banished the boogeyman by not believing in him and not being afraid.

My Thoughts:

Believing in what makes you happy and at peace(like my faith in God and Jesus Christ) while not letting fear run your life(like what satan wants us to think) is a lesson that children and adults can both learn.


Strong without support!

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Hello Readers,

This is my first, so here I go. I received flowers (Tulips) on this past Valentine's day and while fixing them I noticed the instructions said to leave the cellophane wrapping around the flowers for 8-12 hours when first putting them in a vase with water. This was so the wrapping could support the tulip bulbs. Well, I didn't follow the instructions and put the tulips in the vase and added water without the cellophane wrapping. The next day my tulips were standing up straight and strong! I said to myself look at you tulips, you didn't need any support to hold you up straight and tall, you did it all on your own.

My thoughts:

God has designed us in ways were when the world tells us we need to rely on something or someone, we really are strong enough to stand straight without that support we thought we needed. He's given us all the support we need.



Crying over lost ring

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One night after work, I went to get my nails done and I had taken off my ring. It was my favorite ring that I always wear. Well, after they finish my nails, I pay and leave. Later when I get home, I notice I forgot to put my ring back on. I look through my purse and could not find it! I also check my coat pockets, no ring. Then I call the nail salon to ask them if I may have left my ring at the nail station and they said no there were no rings left there. Well of course I was upset. Then I said to myself, well if someone else has the ring I hope they take good care of it and I won't get upset about not finding my ring because it's just a material thing.

Well, the next morning while getting ready for work I go to put my phone in it's case and there is my ring sitting in the bottom of the phone case!

Just my thoughts:

 when you put your trust and faith in God, he will work out that situation for you. Just be patient and trust in him.